About the Show

EFT Tapping Like a Mother podcast is the brainchild of Collette Schildkraut and Lee Uehara, your fairy godmothers in tapping!

Friends who were tapping long before they met each other, Collette and Lee happened to click when they were enrolled in the same course on tapping for weight loss. So, these two mothers know all about food cravings and emotional eating – and what to do about it.

One day they got to talking about how they could help more people and share the gift of EFT Tapping, which has been described as acupuncture without the needles – and much more efficient.

Between the two of them, Collette and Lee are mothers to four children, five dogs, two cats – so they know the ups and downs of life. They’re now here to help you get through the bumps on your own rocky road.

EFT Tapping Like a Mother is meant to be aired fortnightly. So please subscribe, download the episodes onto your favorite listening device and take along your fairy godmothers in tapping, Collette and Lee, while you do the dishes, commute to work or walk the dog!


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